6 Simple Actions to Kick Start an Awesome 2016 for Your Business

Unfortunately that holiday break is now a distant memory. On the bright side, now is the time to channel that new found energy into ensuring an awesome 2016 for you and your business.Taxation Accountant Brisbane North

“ Yeh Yeh Yeh,” I hear you say. It’ll be right – we just need to keep doing what we are doing.

Maybe, Maybe not!

I was privy to be a part of a discussion between 15 savvy business owners who were asked “What are you going to do in 2016 to improve your business?” Here’s what they said:

  1. Get out more face-to-face with prospective customers or referrers. Physically cold call prospects – be visible. Make sure you dress appropriately when doing this – example given was if you are a plumber, don’t be visible to prospects from a job which has left you dirty and smelly – dress in clean uniform or business like to project the image you wish to give as the first and lasting impression. Also, ask the prospect questions where they are compelled to give an answer (ie, open questions). For example: don’t ask “do you know anyone who would be interested in my product/service” – ask “Who do you know who would be interested in my product/service”.
  2. Set and write down your goals and actions for the year. Schedule actions and activities where possible to ensure they get done. If you are in a business where you have repeat regular customers, schedule these customers in as much as possible and then look at your gaps for follow-up and filling.
  3. Schedule regular time in your diary to work on your business. Treat your business as a customer and give it time and invest in its success. Develop processes and systems where possible in your business to free up time and ensure consistent quality service.
  4. Continuously know your clients and communicate with them. Build a very detailed database of your clients. Have frequent contact with them over a coffee/event, through an email or newsletter, maybe a phone call, through a birthday/Christmas/special occasion card etc. Provide interesting, timely and relevant information to your clients so they know they are not just a dollar to your business.
  5. Look at your expenses and see where you can reduce some. Conversations around me at the moment centre on Australia Post and the increase in fees/stamps. Businesses I know who traditionally mailed invoices, quotes etc are now turning to email to reduce costs.
  6. Look after yourself. As business owners, the buck stops with us and generally we are the last to be paid and the last to be cared for in the business. But, if you were to take ill or for some reason not be able to be there for your business, could it survive? Look after you – (physically, mentally & spiritually) – sleep, exercise, relax, eat well, drink lots of water, take a time-out, have that massage, read, ask yourself – does this have to happen today or could it wait until tomorrow, take time to hug your partner and/or kids and let their days fill-up your mind for a while rather than thinking about your business.

Wishing you well for an Awesome 2016!

Contributors from the Albany Creek Business Contacts – Sally Balwin (Balanix Solutions) Kathy Patterson (Brendale Stationery Supplies) Matthew Fox (Brisbane hosting & Web Design) Kirsty Newbery (Caring Cottage) Brad Davies (Conquest Pest & Termite Control) Nathan Dobbins (Core Computers) Scott Deaves (David Deane Real Estate) Oriano Giammichele (GT Racing, Mobile Mechanic)  Rhennen Ford (Streten Mason Lawyers ) Jason Matthey (InsuranceWeb) Tracie Palmer (Cornerstone Home Loans) Tracey Carter (Scrub Mutts) Deborah Marler (Just Blue Home Services) Allan Hewish (Pinnacle Phone & Data) Warwick Royal (Plumbaround)


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