Are You a YouTube Performing Artist for Income Purposes

YouTubeDid you know there maybe tax consequences for people who generate income from YouTube?

If you are thinking of giving up your current job and making a living from YouTube make sure you talk to a your tax accountant before taking the step.

There is a difference between income derived from a hobby and income derived from carrying on a business and generating income from that business which is taxable. Referring to the Australian Taxation Office – ATO ID 2014/41, people who earn income from YouTube will be treated as “performing artist for income purposes”.

The Facts as presented in this Interpretative Decision are as follows:

“The taxpayer carries on a business of creating cooking and baking videos for upload onto YouTube.

The taxpayer produces, designs, edits, scripts, voices over, films and acts as presenter in the videos for the purpose of up loading onto YouTube.

The taxpayer receives income from Google for their YouTube videos based on a share of advertising revenue and the number of views their videos receive.”

It is important to mention that, if you are deemed to be a performing artist then you could be eligible for income-averaging concessions if you had unusually high income in a particular year.

What you need to keep in mind in today’s world is that income from this source can grow quickly if your productions suddenly takeoff and you become a hit. I have clients who take up hobbies that often never become anything other than a hobby, but with the advent of YouTube and other forms of electronic media the capacity to turn into an overnight sensation has increased significantly over recent years.

If you are serious about going down the road of producing YouTube videos or the like (for income) make sure you seek professional advice before you go down this path. If you do not seek the appropriate advice then you may find yourself facing significant tax liabilities. It is not all bad news though because of the income-averaging concessions available as mentioned earlier.

Balanix Solutions is more than happy to provide guidance if going down this road is where you see your future. Like all business adventures success is based upon good planning and strategies and not managing bush fires once they are raging.

David Balwin FCPA Registered Tax Agent Accountant Business Advisor

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