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Business Travel is an important contribution to our domestic travel industry. When asked whether their last domestic flight was for business or leisure, 2.1 million Australians reported flying for business purposes. Nearly 28% of Aussie business air-travellers flew to (or within) New South Wales, while the Northern Territory (2.8%) and Tasmania (2.4%) were the least trafficked domestic business destinations.

Queensland is the second-most visited state/territory for business, attracting 22.7% of all business travellers; while Victoria is a close third (22.3%), well ahead of Western Australia in fourth position (10.4% of all business travellers).

Business Travel has a flow-on effect to other small and large business, taxis, hire car, accommodation, meeting rooms, speakers, food and beverage, gifts and bus transportation.

Conferences inject funds into the location economy in Capital Cities, resorts destination and country towns.

International travellers attending conferences in Australia extend their stay to enjoy our tourist attractions and culture with more dollars being spent.

With several options being available when booking your business travel, it is important you make arrangements correctly, changing dates, times etc. can be costly, with special mention, to ensuring that names are spelt correctly.

Should you arrive at the airport, and your ID does not match the ticket, additional costs will be incurred to correct and misspelt names, or you may have to purchase a new ticket. Your original cheap ticket can become very expensive.

Also, for the business traveller, it is important to have a 12 month, multi journey travel insurance policy, covering domestic and international travel. Cheaper online offers may not have the necessary cover, than companies who specialise in travel insurance, always compare the conditions, duration of stay and excess. Is it easy to make a claim and can you talk to the provider?

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Statistic : provided by  Roy Morgan research

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