Do You Lead a Horse to Water or Milk

Sally Balwin

Sally Balwin
Recruitment | HR | Business Development

Reading an old BRW, Giam Swiegers (CEO Deloitte Australia) mentions (in the ad-Defence Reserves Support) that –

We have a saying in our business, “Leadership isn’t about leading people where they want to go, but where they ought to go”

My thoughts are that Leadership would be a combination of leading to the vision, goals and values of an organisation, married with the individual’s personal vision and goals.   The asset we have in our people is their ability to think and the diversity, skills and experience they bring with them to a job.  Great leaders harness this competency and strategically link it in the best way to their organization to maximize achievement/success.

But I don’t think this can be successful if individuals’ motivators are not factored in.

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