Gone Fishing

Imagine coming to work and finding everyone choosing to be energised, passionate and positive, as well as, connected to their work, colleagues and clients.

Sally Balwin

Recruitment | HR | Business Development

The Pike Place Fish Market, Seattle transformed its culture and  environment from a routine “toxic energy dump” to an energised fun workplace. How? By creating and following the Fish Philosophy which has four simple rules:

1. “Choose your attitude”: there is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself. People can choose the attitude they bring to work and this choice influences the way they do their work.  As long as they are at work, why not choose to be and do “the best” rather than be ordinary.

2. “Play”: you can take the running of your business seriously and still have fun with the way you conduct business.  You can focus on making profits whist having a good time in a respectful manner.  Ask yourself and your people “what would make working in your business more fun?”

3. “Make their day”:  always look for ways to create great memories for your clients.  Engage your clients in the way you do your business.  By focusing your attention on ways to make another person’s day provides a constant flow of positive feelings and memories.

4. “Be present”:  when at work be present, engaged and focused on your work, your clients and your work environment.

The Fish Philosophy sounds pretty simple, but like all change, it does take time.  Each person needs to find a way to discover the meaning of this philosophy rather than be told.  Like the saying goes:

She told me and then I

discovered it for myself.


(If you would like to explore more about the Fish Philosophy, it is all in Lundin, Stephen C; Paul, Harry ; Christensen John, “Fish” A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results 2000 Griffin Press)