How Becoming Unattached Helps Us Achieve What We Want

Networking and ReferralsIf you had a thousand pumpkins seeds and you kept all of them and did nothing with them, how many will you finish up with?

Now, if you plant ten of those thousand pumpkin seeds, they grow and produce pumpkins, how many pumpkin seeds will you finish up with?

By becoming unattached from the thousand seeds you would be able to achieve more – right!

Now think of this concept in relation to referrals to grow your business. If you and colleagues / business networks approach giving referrals with no other expectations other than giving the referral, overtime you will receive referrals. That is, let yourself become unattached from referrals and if everyone else takes the same approach, then everyone should receive.

To explain this a bit more, let’s assume that there are 20 members in attendance at your regular networking group and everyone chose only to refer if they received a referral back, how many referrals would you expect to be given. I’d suggest not many – if any.

Yet if everyone all approach referral giving with no attachment to receiving a referral I suggest there would be at least 20 referrals given within the group. That is, group members would be receiving referrals even though they had no expectation of receiving them.

Ok, it does not mean that each meeting every member receives a referral, however, it does mean that everyone is in the mind set of giving referrals rather than the expectation of receiving – and it will be everyone’s turn to receive at some point.

What the becoming unattached does is frees up our capacity to refer by removing barriers that prevent us from referring. If I were to remain attached to my referrals, how can I ever be sure that if I give a referral I will get one back? I can’t, however, why would anyone want to give me a referral if they held the same attachment to theirs.

Giving referrals without attachment builds trust between colleagues / network partners, promotes the willingness to refer and contributes to creating long-term relationships.

If you want more of something, try giving some of it away.

David Balwin FCPA Registered Tax Agent Accountant Business Advisor

David Balwin
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