HR Policies, Procedures and Systems

“Why do I need Human Resource Management policies, systems and procedures?”  Human Resource Management Checklist

Simple answer – “Because you employ people”

HR policies, systems and procedures are a must for all businesses who employ even one staff member.

Effective HR practices, including key policies and procedures, are essential in setting the ground rules for an organisation.  HR policies, systems and procedures are critical for both employers, to outline expectations and how issues will be managed, and for employees, to know what is expected of them and the process should corrective action be required.

Employees need to know what role they are expected to fulfill and the rules in relation to fulfilling that role, as well as have comfort as to reasonable consistency within the business.

Further, Legislative requirements must be met which go a long way to being achieved with transparent complete documentation should an audit or investigation occur.

It is still critical for even small organisations to document and outline their human resource management practices. The formality and number of policies can however be tailored to meet the organisation’s needs.

Focus on what you do best and allow us to support you with:

  • Advice on HR policy and strategy
  • Comprehensive HR documents including contracts, policies, forms, correspondence and checklists
  • Induction and succession programs
  • Career development and employee retention programs
  • Performance management and development programs
  • Exit Interviews