One Easy Way to Harm Your Brand

"Sally Balwin"

Recruitment | HR | Business Development

I received a phone call the other day from a person wishing to speak with my Business Partner, David.  “I’m sorry, he is in a meeting” I said.  “Can I help?”  The person advised me they were a HR consultancy business and had spoken to my Partner a month or so ago who discussed with them the fact that we were experiencing recruitment and retention difficulties in our business.  The person on the other end of the phone suggested they could help and was following up to arrange assistance.  After I obtained their name, business name and a contact number, they asked if in fact we were experiencing difficulties.

“No” I said.  “In fact, we are an Accounting and Business Advisory business which has a HR and Recruitment arm”.  “Oh” they laughed,” then you probably don’t need our services”.

Clearly this person had not researched who they were cold calling and also chose to, dare I say, fabricate information in an attempt to establish familiarity and progress things with us.  This strategy and encounter has not left me with a good impression of this business.

Cold calling has its place in the world of marketing strategies.  But like everything we business owners and managers do, we need to make sure it is enhancing our brand and not harming it.

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