Recognise and Reward Staff with NO BUDGET

Sally Balwin

Sally Balwin
Recruitment | HR | Business Development

I am regularly asked by buisness owners/managers how to reward and recognise the great contributions of your people with little or no budget to do so.

Firstly, congratulations for wanting to – you are on the road to being an Employer of Choice!

To help you further, here are some no cost suggestions to show them they are noticed:

  • Post a thank-you note on the employee’s or team member’s office door.
  • A very senior person call/visit a team member at the workplace to thank them for a job well done.
  • Greet team members by name when you pass their desks or pass them in the hall.
  • When discussing a team member’s or a group’s ideas with other people, peers, or higher management, make sure you give credit.
  • Acknowledge individual achievements by using people’s names when preparing status reports.
  • Name a continuing recognition award after an outstanding employee.
  • Have lunch or coffee with an employee or a group of employees you don’t normally see.
  • Share verbal accolades. Don’t forget to forward voice mail messages that compliment a team member’s work.
  • Ask a person to teach or share his accomplishment with others as a way of recognizing the person’s ability and role.
  • Ask a person for advice or their opinion; this demonstrates respect.
  • Recognize an individual’s accomplishments in front of peers — yours or theirs.
  • Practice positive nonverbal behaviours that demonstrate appreciation.
  • Make a large calendar that can be posted. Call it the “celebration calendar” and use Post-Its and written notes of recognition tacked onto specific dates to honour contributions made by team members.
  • Give the team member more responsibilities/activities.
  • Allow the team member opportunities for learning and development.
  • Flexible work practices.

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