Reputation – Learn from the Top Corporations

What makes a corporation rank as having a good reputation?  Each year leading research consultants AMR in conjunction with the Reputation Institute look at corporation’s reputation as part of a global study.  In addition to measuring overall reputation, the study also measures how Australians feel about each company on the seven individual drivers of reputation; Products & Services, Innovation, Workplace, Citizenship, Governance, Leadership and Financial Performance, and ranks them accordingly.

The below chart makes interesting reading and shows JB Hi-Fi and Toyota as consistent corporations in terms of meeting the seven criteria while someone like Australia Post which in 2009 was placed 1st in 2017 slip to 29th.

Corporate Reputation Index (1) Position Year Year Year
Company 2017 2016 2015 2014
Air New  Zealand 1 6 5 7
Mazda Australia 2 5 10 3
JB Hi-Fi 3 1 3 1
Toyota Motor Corporation 4 2 1 4
Qantas Airways 5 4 9 26
ING Direct 6 17 16 12
Apple Australia 7 9 11 10
Bluescope Steel 8 13 22 14
ALDI Australia 9 7 8 9
Australian Super 10

AMR Australian Corporate Index

JB Hi-Fi is a business that is driven by low costs that allows it to sell at a very competitive price while Qantas has always promoted its impeccable safety record unmatched by any other airline.  Likewise, Mazda and Toyota push the safety aspects of the products as well as the quality.

So, if you are looking at ways to improve your reputation research some of these companies and see what they are doing that makes them the way they are and see what would work for you in improving the reputation of your business.

David Balwin Tax Accounting CFO Business Advice