Job Descriptions

All employees like to know what is expected of them and how they will be evaluated.   Clarity is an important aspect forJob Design and Description both the employee and the organisation.

Creating a job description often results in a thought process that helps determine how critical the job is, how this particular job relates to others and identify the characteristics needed by a new employee filling the role.

In other words, who does your business need, to do what, when and how.

Job Descriptions can also be a marketing tool supporting the organisation in its reputation as an employer of choice.

A job description is a powerful tool that is used:

  • To communicate the job expectations to the employee
  • To focus recruitment efforts saving time and money
  • As a strategy to Brand and Market the organisation
  • To manage employee performance
  • To set employee and organisational goals
  • For manage workload and workflow
  • For workforce and succession planning
  • To underpin training and development plans
  • For the job evaluation and classification process
  • To establish fair, competitive pay rates for staff members
  • To develop career paths and opportunities for job growth
  • To underpin compliance with legislation

This sounds simple however, the biggest pitfall business owners fall into is developing a duty or task statement without considering the “intangible” aspects of the role such as personal attributes, as well as, how you want your clients looked after and communicated with.

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