Client Benefits-Recruitment

You benefit from human resource professionals expertise and critical eye determining whether prospects meet your skill"Balanix Recruitment Benefits" needs, capability expectations and possess attributes that ensure they make a seamless transition into your existing team.

You enjoy expert assistance with your staffing needs on a consultancy basis – not a percentage of salary.  Recruitment consultancy is a viable alternative to recruitment agencies because we:

  • don’t manage candidates therefore only have one Master – you the client
  • work closely with you to understand the job and organisational cultural requirements in great depth.
  • target your recruitment and selection to attract to a specific role and requirements.
  • structure our fees on a consultancy model which is generally lower than the agency model.

You the employer, benefit from our assistance in the knowledge that:

  • we are working for you and in your best interest
  • our expert knowledge in recruitment and recruitment practices is focused on your needs, enabling you to be ahead of your competitors
  • our critical, independent eye brings more confidence to your selection processes and your business.