17 Low Cost Staff Retention and Reward Initiatives

Sally Balwin

Sally Balwin
Recruitment | HR | Business Development

As businesses continue to experience difficulties with staff attraction and retention these 17 simple low cost ways show your people you appreciate and value them.

  • Movie Tickets.
  • Gift Certificates or vouchers.
  • Book of Stamps.
  • A framed memento/letter/certificate.
  • Inscribe a favourite book as a gift.
  • Balloons decorated with appropriate messages.
  • Purchase a plant or flower arrangement with appropriate message.
  • Buy the person something to use in his/her hobby.
  • Lunch-on-me voucher or take the person to lunch as a form of thanks or to mark a special event.
  • Doughnuts, bagels, or rolls as an early morning starter.
  • If your people are outside during the hot seasons (eg, Real Estate Agents) have Icecreams/blocks in the freezer for them.
  • A “funny” trophy that is passed among team members based on “inside” criteria.
  • Submit the person’s name for a Wall of Fame.
  • Something engraved with the person’s name, such as a pen set, business card holder, plaque, or portfolio.
  • Paid subscription to a professional magazine or newsletter.
  • A small contribution to their favourite charity in the person’s name.
  • Time-off; full day or half-day.

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