Passion for Business-Why Owners Chose to be in Business

World in WheelbarrowBusiness ownership has its good bits and it’s not so good bits. For some taking the leap into business ownership is a mighty jump off a cliff. For others, it is a natural progression. But, no matter who you talk to or which article you read, successful business owners have one thing in common – a passion for what they are doing.

Terrific – sounds simple enough. Or does it – what does “passion for what they are doing” actually mean? What is it that motivates some to be business owners and others not?

So I thought, “who better to seek the answer from than actual business owners”. Where better to find a diverse range of business owners to ask than at the Albany Creek Business Contacts.

Not a single business owner described “to make lots of money” (or to this effect) as the “passion”. Here’s what a number of them had to say:

Dan Milgate (Fit4Life Personal Training) said, “for me, being in businesses gives me more control in what I do in life. I watched what other business owners did over the years – the mistakes they made – and I am passionate about not repeating them, but rather correcting them to the betterment of my clients”.

Kathy Patterson’s (Brendale Stationery Supplies) passion is to implement her own ideas and particularly apply what she expects in customer service to her cutomers.

Nathan Dobbins (Core Computers) echoed Dan’s desire of being in control of the business. His passion is the good feeling he gets from the rewards of his hard work.

Rob Carmody (Australian Integrated Communications) said, “I had more passion for my employers business than they did, so an opportunity arose to do the leap out, do what I love doing and benefit from the rewards. I believe service comes before sale”

Scott Deaves (David Deane Real Estate) commented that becoming an equity owner has given him a renewed vigour. “I see it as an investment in the future – that is viewing the big picture of the future and working towards it”. Scott went on to say that it is important to treat people the way you want to be treated and if it doesn’t feel right then, generally, its not.

Brad Davies (Conquest Pest & Termite Control) passion is ethical conduct. “I couldn’t work for another who didn’t align with my ethics so it seemed the logical step to set up my own business where I could implement my ethics.

Alina Manttan (Jim’s Car Cleaning – Aspley) commented that going into business was a necessity, however, now they wouldn’t have it any other way. Securing employment was difficult so working for themselves was the logical thing. She and her husband Michael found the right business for them and are not looking back. Alina, also mentioned that the personal growth gained from business ownership has been rewarding.

Dave and I here at Balanix Solutions gave up the corporate world in favour of business as we are passionate about balance. Being later in life parents, we wanted flexibility and choice which employment could not give. The name Balanix comes from “Balance”and “Fix” and it is our motivation to work with clients to bring balance between their life and business as well as balance for us.

And for the last word, Andrew Gallagher (Lollyworld) contributed, “previous employers have taught me everything I didn’t want to be. Although running a business has its challenges, ethically I am happier in business. It allows me to be nice in the way I do business and to operate in the way I want, providing customers with the highest quality of products – that’s important to me and drives my passion”.

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