Should You Be Friends With Your Boss, Work Colleagues and Clients on Facebook

There was an interesting article I this month’s CPA Australia “IN the Black” magazine that talked about navigating social media.

One of the common issues which arises is the question as to whether you should be “friends” with your boss, work colleagues and clients on Facebook.

If you accept the “friend” connect, then these work related people will see your posts and posts you are tagged in.  So, if you like posting nude photos to your family and friends or have a very strong social comment do you really want your boss or close work associates seeing these posts?  What if you have taken a sickie and headed off to the coast on such a beautiful day and in your total enjoyment and excitement posted a photo of you enjoying the beach?  When it comes to linking your Facebook activities to your work environment, you must ensure a professional image which aligns with the values of your employ and your clients.

There are so many situations where the disclosure of information to family and close friends will not have any serious impact while the same disclosure to your boss or clients could seriously jeopardise your working relationship.

If you do connect with work colleagues or business associates on Facebook, then maybe you should look at setting your privacy settings so that friends who tag you need your approval before they appear on your feed.  Often it is not your comments that offend but what the people connected with you say or do.

Remember, if your Facebook posts reflect poorly on the business you work for, then this could lead to disciplinary action and in the worst case your dismissal.

What is the alternative then?

Maybe a face to face chat with that person where you explain that you keep Facebook solely for family and close friends but would love to connect via LikedIn.

In terms of using LinkedIn forget about the humour and social news and focus on such things as industry news, company updates and milestones/celebrations.

David Balwin Tax Accounting CFO Business Advice