What Makes a Good Sign for Your Business

Signs Signs, Everywhere, there’s signs

Blocking out the scenery Breaking my mind

Do this Don’t do that

Can’t you read the signs

(Five Man Electrical Band – 1970-71)

Blog Article What makes a good sign for your businessEverywhere you go there are signs advertising various products, services and businesses. Large building signs, street level A-frame signs, car signage, window signs and so the list goes on. With all this visual noise around us, we discussed the question today at the Albany Creek Business Contacts meeting – what makes a good sign that will attract the right attention and result in action by prospective customers/clients.

It was agreed that depending on the type of sign there will be differences. However, as Dan Milgate (Fit4Life) explained, “make the important information big and keep the sign simple.” The group agreed that, generally, you only have a few seconds for a prospect to have your sign catch their eye and for them to engage in it and decide if they want to respond. Therefore, make it clear, simple and readable (Kathy Patterson – Brendale Stationery Supplies).

The group agreed that the most important information for your sign is your logo, business name, contact information (ie phone number and web address) and a bit of information about the business. As Andrew Gallagher (Lollyworld) shared “only your mum and you care about your business name. unless your business name actually tells you what you do (eg, Core Computers, Brisbane Hosting and Website Design) then your business name is not the focus – what you do is what people need to know.” Using this as a guide, business owners can think about then what should stand out more on a sign – the business name or what the business does.

As Kirsty Newberry (Caring Cottage) correctly added, “your signage needs to reflect your image.” Your signage will tell the market what to expect from your business. If the signage is crude or offensive, people will assume that is the type of people they will deal with in your business and make decisions about buying from you accordingly.

Branding and image led the group into a discussion about using humor and sex in signage. It was raised that for some, being funny, provocative and/or controversial can be successful for some businesses if done the right way. Brad Davies (Conquest Pest & Termite Control) shared that on his trucks is the catch phrase “at least I get to kill the pests.” Given the nature of his business, clients have engaged in the slogan and found it quite uplifting and appropriate.

However, caution needs to be taken with using humor, sex and/or controversy as they can very easily offend and create a negative image for a business. As Leonard Whittaker (Action Cycle Learning) pointed out, “sex might sell but doesn’t build relationships.” It was agreed that the rule of thumb is to keep signage “G” rated and appropriate to your business and image.

Finally, Craig Chalmers (Royalty Home Services) added, “make sure you know the regulations and rules about what you can and can’t do in relation to the type of signage you want to use and where you wish to use it. Also check if there are any costs involved.”

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