Low Cost Staff Reward and Recognition Initiatives

Sally Balwin

Sally Balwin
Recruitment | HR | Business Development

I have suggested in a previous Blog ways to reward and recognise staff’s awesome contributions that require no Budget. On the journey to being an Employer of Choice you may be in a position to utilise some other initiatives which are low cost.

To help you further, here are some low cost suggestions to show your world beater staff they are noticed and valued:

  • Movie Tickets.
  • Gift Certificates or vouchers.
  • Book of Stamps.
  • A framed memento/letter/certificate.
  • Inscribe a favourite book as a gift.
  • Balloons decorated with appropriate messages.
  • Purchase a plant or flower arrangement with appropriate message.
  • Buy the person something to use in his/her hobby.
  • Lunch-on-me coupons.
  • Take the person to lunch as a form of thanks or to mark a special event.
  • Doughnuts, bagels, or rolls as an early morning starter.
  • A “funny” trophy that is passed among team members based on “inside” criteria. .
  • Submit the person’s name for a Wall of Fame award.  This will result in a one-time increase on their pay.
  • Something engraved with the person’s name, such as a pen set, business card holder, plaque, or portfolio.
  • Paid subscription to a professional magazine or newsletter.
  • A small contribution to their favourite charity in the person’s name.
  • Time-off; full day or half-day.
  • If your business is real estate (with sales people running around) or a hot factory, how about iceblocks in the freezer to cool your people down.
  • During winter to warm staff up, add some chocolate milk mix in the kitchen for hot chocolates.
  • A small box of lollies or chocolates with a thank you card.

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